Sunshine on the go

100% of the
Vitamin D you need.
Wherever you are.

Whether you’re busy at your desk,
constantly on the go, or making a
school pack lunch, Red Orchard is
tasty, and super good for you and
your children.

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Brighter smiles all-round


Vitamin D not only contributes to a
person’s well being, it also helps us to
work better, concentrate more, and
keeps teeth strong and healthy.

Tasty, Enjoyable, Easy

Our purpose

Finding a new way

Our mission is to help fight the effects of poor diet,
vitamin deficiency and health inequalities.

To offer an alternative way of taking supplements
that aren’t unappetizing tablets, capsules or fiddly sprays.

We wanted to find a new way.

Something that was tasty, enjoyable and easy.

Something that encouraged people to top-up their levels of vitamin D.

That is why we founded Red Orchard